The contract closed in 2019 contains three key improvements. To keep it short and simple: The benefits of the SCE members have been expanded.

  1. A real news is: The confederation committed to meet demands - as the SCE members did that throughout the first period of the first contract (2014-2019). In the past, SCE was waiting for incidents to be "escalated" by MELANI, now MELANI committed to escalate more "aggressively". And yes: The according goal is supported by a measurable number.
  2. New, the SCE members have the chance to contribute to the official cyber situation analysis, accordingly being in the loop of public knowledge, commenting it - and use the information to the benefit of their clients. Hereby contributing to Switzerland's Cyber security.
  3. Furthermore, the governmentally focussed contract is open to be amended by contracts focussed on prosecution and cyber defence. Swiss Cyber Experts is set to become the private partner supporting Switzerland in meeting all public cyber security goals.

Further information is available for SCE members - or will be provided by SCEs office upon request.