Swiss Cyber Experts

The misuse of cyberspace by sophisticated electronic means presents business and government agencies with constantly evolving threats and dangers in the areas of espionage, sabotage and crime. The increasing professionalism and internationalization of cyber criminality makes the resolution of such incidents very complex. Switzerland represents a popular target for cyber criminals. The monetary and personal damages caused by cyber criminality are severe, but could be partially avoided through networked expert know-how.

Swiss Cyber Experts allows privately managed companies and government agencies to fall back on highly specialised experts in the event of a cyber incident. The goal of the public private partnership is to quickly deliver a diagnosis and thus the basis for the problem solution in case of severe cyber incidents that go beyond the resources of the victims.

Swiss Cyber Experts consists of a pool of highly qualified experts in the ICT industry, the private and public sector and science. The office coordinates the analysis activities and guarantees the protection of the client’s anonymity.

Swiss Cyber Experts is supported by economiesuisse and by a political advisory council.